Peñafiel has been waiting for you for over a thousand years

A thousand restless, dense years, full of the events that have formed us. In the old Duero frontier, by one of the most spectacular and attractive castles in Spain, called ‘the boat of Castile’ due to its impressive semblance. Already by the 10th century, the existence of a castle -PennaFidele- had been documented. The village still preserves many monuments and the lovely medieval layout of its streets. The castle is home to the province’s Wine Museum, devoted to wine-making processes and the D.O. wines from Valladolid: Ribera del Duero, Cigales and Rueda, which are thought to be among the best in the world. It is worth visiting the city of Valladolid, only fifty-six kilometres away, capital of Castile and Leon and one of the main Spanish cities.